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About Us

Farmers MarketAll Westwood Chickens are
-  Antibiotic free.
-  Coccidiostat (another form of antibiotics) free.
-  Free of any type of Growth Promotants. 
-  Free to roam (no fences) pastures and enjoy the sunshine.
Westwood Organics produce a chicken product that is BioGro certified organic from our own BioGro certified organic property. 

Westwood also produces and sells Free Range chicken products that are not organic.

These two products are always kept separate. They are grown on different farms, processed on separate days or with complete separation.  Are packed and labeled in the processing plant.  They are stored in the same chiller or freezer but they are always packed and labeled and cartooned at that stage.  The Certified organic product is labeled with a green label and displays the BioGro Organic Logo.  The Free Range non- organic product is labeled with a blue label.

The free range chickens are grown on non-organic properties to the same specifications as our organic chickens.  They are free ranging in the same manner as the organic chickens.  They eat a grain feed pellet that is not certified organic but we ask the manufactures not to add any antibiotics, coccidiostates, and does not contain any hormones.  We do not use any of these products in the production of Westwood Chickens.  Because of the higher cost of the certifed organic feed, we are able to supply the free range non organic chicken at a lower price. Enjoy!


I started looking seriously into growing organic chickens when our youngest son was 2 years old.  The property (8.2 ha) had been full Certified Organic for 10 years, but with very low productivity.  I had already started some volunteer work as an assistant inspector for BioGro and Pete was teaching.  By 1997 we were producing Westwood Chickens, all certified organic by BioGro NZ Ltd. 

We developed our own unique growing system focusing on true free ranging, with movable sheds, open access to pasture, sunshine and trees for shelter.  To achieve this, we maintain small batch sizes,with the sheds rotated around the property.

We have been producing the organic free range chickens ever since, supplying markets mostly in the South Island, but filling other requests from the North Island, as they are received.  Pete stopped teaching to be a full time chicken farmer in 2000.  A family run, small business, we have survived many ups and downs but are fundamentally stubborn people who believe very strongly in what we do.  We continue to provide you with choice, and as consumers, through our choices we can change the world.  If we refused to purchase a product, it would cease to exist.

We registered the company Westwood Organics Ltd in 2002.  We produce the Organic free range chickens on our own BioGro Certified organic property.  We process the chickens locally, running the RMP ourselves now registered with MAF under Westwood Organics Ltd,  RMP:- WESTWOOD01/01.

In 2007 we started the Free Range, non organic chicken production.   The growing of these chickens is carried out on other local small lifestyle blocks.  We make sure the new operator is of like mind and values.  The chickens are grown under the same free range system as the organic ones.  Westwood organizes the supply of and pays for the baby chicks and organizes and pays for the feed.  In this way we can assure you that the Westwood brand chickens are genuine Free Range.  The feed, although not certified organic, is still free of antibiotics, and  cocoidiostates.  And of course there has never been hormones in the chicken feed.

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