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Free-range Chicken

Westwood Chicken Genuine Free Range, non-organic

Chicken pasture raised from 2 to 3 weeks of age.  Compound feed pellet supplied free choice.  Unrestricted access to mixed pasture, sunshine and shelter.

No antibiotics, coccidiostats, other chemicals or hormones used in their growing. 

Westwood chickens have more taste, texture, less fat, and even red meat on the legs, due to the free ranging and pasture, insect consumption of every chicken.   A genuine free range product.
Free Range Size 14
NZ $17.00
excl GST
Free Range Size 16
NZ $19.00
excl GST
Free Range Size 18
NZ $21.00
excl GST
Free Range Size 20
NZ $23.00
excl GST
Free Range Size 22
NZ $25.50
excl GST
Free Range Breast Fillets
NZ $13.00
excl GST

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