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Whole chicken

Westwood Whole Chicken

Whole chicken dressed, ready to cook.
Cook Until juices run clear (no blood) - Tip juices from inside of bird as a check or check juices and texture of the meat on inside of thigh (where leg meets the body) remember the leg meat will have a red look.

Great for a family roast or simmer for 20 - 30 minutes to use the meat in other dishes, or debone.  As a bonus simmer the bones for 6-10 hours to produce your own chicken stock.  Use instead of water in a casserole, soup, risotto or freeze and use later. 
Free Range Size 14
NZ $17.00
excl GST
Free Range Size 16
NZ $19.00
excl GST
Free Range Size 18
NZ $21.00
excl GST
Free Range Size 20
NZ $23.00
excl GST
Free Range Size 22
NZ $25.50
excl GST

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